Rappers In Prison – Salaat

Rappers In Prison - Salaat 1

“Rappers In Prison – Salaat”

“You know police watching! Hands to the sky, praises to the powerful! Pride get in the way, don’t let it over power you. I can make your life golden girl, let me shower you. Run when it get real, that’s just a coward do. Come on listen, Yall that don’t listen. One word can make a long stint! Instead of prison, I tried to teach him. They aint want the lesson taught. Understand young man, this is a an aggressive art! Punish the guilty, I’ma free the innocent! Streets got a hold of me, robbed me of my innocence. All I knew is ******** ***** I became a menace. It’s crazy cause i’m older now, time to put a END to this!”

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