Grind2Hard Osh’a – Crazy Mood (Official Music Video)

“Grind2Hard Osh’a – Crazy Mood (Official Music Video)

“Hit this blunt and try to change the mood. Cause bitch I’m tired of playing games with you. Tweaking out that’s what my brain will do. Now I want to bring the tool. Call **, he gone bang at you. Cause that’s what he trained to do. See I see the hate, it’s the look on they face. I’m just gone stay away, cause you can’t keep it real. If I was starving wouldn’t give me a meal. I use to chase hoes now im chasing these mills. You turned your back and dont care how I feel. Don’t let it get to me, channel my energy. Turn all this pain to a house on the hill yea. But i’m still trying to heal yea!

I’m in a crazy mood. I’m a lil dangerous dude. ****** be changing when it get rainy. Oh what a shame on you. Can’t put the blame on you. I’m switching lanes on you. I’m full of anger, i’m a lil dangerous. That’s what that pain a do!”

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