Black Magik & Cambatta – Hell’s Kitchen (#1 Music Visualizer)

Black Magik & Cambatta – Hell’s Kitchen (Music Visualizer)



“I’m a voodoo priest. I do black magik & conjure riches by using beats. The brutal chief of the Annunaki, Tehuti meets. I gave Prometheus fire, gave the humans speech. How you gonna measure a god out of your rulers reach? Professor X flew me east to a school to teach. Mutant beasts. You with the blue physique got a new mystique, metal face. Only a fool would think Dr. Dooms deceased. If I do get beat I come back again cause the loop repeats!”

“Woke up in a dream while Martin Luther King Jr sleeps. The metagods in the metaverse of computer geeks. Ill shot a time and space and rebuild it, i’ll super glue each piece.”

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