Grind2Hard Osh’a – Change Gon’ Come (Official Music Video)

“Grind2Hard Osh’a – Change Gon’ Come (Official Music Video)”

“Do numbers and beat the odds. What I did on that mission that’s just between me and God. I showed her my deeper side, And she thought shit was sweet
so I showed her my evil side. I’m a smooth operator, Hoe penetrator. I’m not a P I’m a hoe orchestrator. Fuck the crime scene and the interrogators. Told in that jam he a cooperator. Put pain in a microphone, watched my uncle sell dope and re ** it with *******. I ain’t scared to ride alone. I was born by myself, by myself ima die alone. I used to couldn’t buy a *****. When there’s no one to call you learn how to spend time alone!

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