Cambatta – Bones of Osiris (Official Video)

“Cambatta – Bones of Osiris (Official Video)”

“Laws were created by some racist pigs! You can never own the planet but he made it is his. Then he stripped the languages from my native lips. But I guess it’s just the way it is. If you make a man hungry, he take greater risks. I will break into your crib, just to raid your fridge. If I bear hug a bear, I can break his ribs. I CAN NEVER BE A SLAVE TO THIS! Even though we on the plantation, where Satan lives! He don’t even got no clothes in his closet. Just fabric, a sewing machine & a little asian kid! Bitch I’m bad to the bone! Bad to the mothafucking bone. BITCH I’M BAD TO THE MOTHAFUCKING BONE!…. Never had a DAD in my home. I got everything I have on my own. Cause i’m BLACK & I’M GROWN!”

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