Connie Sun – Bitter Sweet Memories

“Connie Sun – Bitter Sweet Memories”

“I got bitter sweet memories. Painful thoughts in my head. Bitter sweet memories. When I was locked in that cell. Prey for my enemies. Used to be off with they head! Don’t look for love now, cause people only want bread. You feel my energy. First in your heart, then your head. When I say I come from under, that mean I walk with the dead. Follow my ancestors, so I ain’t never mislead. Study your bloodline, cause they gonna tell it in red. I’m not your enemy. So why you plottin and scheming the same vicinity. I’m in the streets that you be in. Your cousin, my cousin. Your brotha, my brotha. Your sister, my sister. It’s a thin line between a hustla and pusher. We got the same grind, same mind, same struggle, same pain. What makes you think i don’t love you. We so cold y’all, lets get back in CONTROL y’all. If he handling business, you need to be getting involved. That all!”

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