Young Man Shot in Harrisburg, PA. Killed in his own home!

“Young Man Shot in Harrisburg, PA. Killed in his own home!”

A 20 year old man was killed in his own home August 7th, 2016 around 9:15pm on the 2300 block of Green Street. Police “say” the young man had a knife to his mothers throat when approaching the situation. Officers claim police ordered Pinckney to drop the knife and he refused.

Direct accounts from the mother & family deny these allegations! Words from his mother say she did not see what police even shot her son, and that he was shot in the heart! She exclaimed the officer said he tased her son, but in fact one shot was fired!

Pinckney’s mother, Kim Thomas told PennLive that her son had been arguing with other family members. “They killed my son. They shot my son. We had a little fight, argument like families have arguments,” Thomas said.

She explained that she was de-escalating the situation. “They were arguing. They got a little rustling. I stopped it. I told everybody to get out of the house. I hold my son. I was talking to my son. I know how to control my son. He was calming down. Everything was getting fine”

Following the incident, a criminal investigation was initiated during which local detectives immediately interviewed some members of the family, while others will be interviewed in the coming days. Today, Dauphin County District Attorney, Ed Marsico, called a press conference to discuss the shooting and made statements regarding Earl’s conduct which allegedly precipitated the shooting. While we understand that the criminal investigation into the shooting is in its preliminary stages, and there are still many more facts to be gathered, we want to be clear that we disagree with the preliminary statements made during the press conference as they directly contradict the eyewitness account of a family member who was at the scene prior to, during, and following the shooting.

Pinckney was a new father of a 2-week-old baby girl, and recently posted a picture with her on facebook the day of the shooting!

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