Sauce Walka – “Big Amount”

“Sauce Walka – “Big Amount””

Beelzebub: We never said we were gonna play fair. Why don’t you give it up!, kid!

Me: I don’t care how many times you went to sleep broke. You can still wake up rich. You just gotta make them dreams come true.

“Aint none of my kids disrespecting me. Aint no one you can call to protect fron ME! ….. .. . …

Rapping about this street shit, and you ain’t never lived by a bus stop in a ghetto corner. Fuck a deal!

“I apologize to my fans.
I aint been being a business man.
I ain’t been shaking these niggas hands.
I ain’t been kissing and kicking cans.
I ain’t squashing shit with a ***** ***** until we square up or shoot it out.”

“My youngins is dumb they don’t give a damn
They’ll hit you and get right on instagram
They move with my car right before I pay ’em
I give a look and a brotha good”

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