Redpill & Sankofa Expose: What’s it All About!

“Redpill & Sankofa Expose: What’s it All About!”

I truly ask each and everyone of you to view the Full Video. There was a lot of GEMS dropped in this video!

Now I am at the end! and it brings me to this main subject that I would like to speak of! Since we rarely hear it being spoken about! Where is a black owned datacenter? We know that the internet age is key to the movement! and everyone speaks about #BUYBLACK! #BANKBLACK! But we also need to #SURFBLACK ! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc! Make ALOT of money from their internet trafficking and advertisers! The more web traffic (you are a web trafficker) they direct the more money they make! The more they can recommend certain videos or even intend you to like a certain item! Where is a Black Owned Data Center or ISP!?

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