Mozzy – Shine’n For Diamond (Official Video)

Mozzy - Shine'n For Diamond (Official Video) 1

“Mozzy – Shine’n For Diamond (Official Video)”

“Different probable causes, why I dont fuck with you squares. Still Shinen’n for Diamond, put a blunt in the air. Punt a blunt in the air. Who i’m suppose to fear with this AR on me. I paid cash, but the AR stolen. Try to picture me rolling, inside a buick shooters under influence. If we gonna do it ***** Fuck it, lets do it. Goin in for the kill, hold me down like you told me you will. House niggas don’t belong in the field. You know the drill homie. ***** Id rather “niggas” rob me than to steal from me. Thumbn through these M&M’s, dirty money still lully. Still thuggin, let my young’n do his litlle dougie. Lil rugged, lil slummy bitches still love it. Where was all these hoes at when it was looking ugly. Heart broken over ***** when they took her from me.”

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