Meek Mill – Cold Hearted II [Official Audio]

“Meek Mill – Cold Hearted II [Official Audio]”

” Lookin’ at you niggas, all the ones I fed.
Had me grindin’ all them nights you was going to bed.
And if I think I owe you something, nigga gon’ ahead.
Treat you like I never knew you, put it on your head.
And I got Papi on my line like, ‘When you comin’ home?’
My mama see it in my face, she know that somethin’ wrong.
Bodies droppin’ in my city all summer long.
Out on bail but I still gotta keep somethin’ on.
‘Cause I can’t let ’em take my life, you might get left you make that right
When he got left it wasn’t right, but he was tryna live that life.
I call up Coon to book that jet, we like three deep, we take that flight.
Used to land in California to play that studio all night, we stayin’ down.
For the love of them millions, ain’t layin’ down.
Left you in the hood, what you sayin’ now?
And niggas wanted to smoke you, said “Stand down, ” uh
Cold heart, never get cold feet when the pressure come
It was beef, I had to tell niggas, “You better come”
Sister said they gettin’ over, it’s like you lettin’ them
Some shit I had to learn my lesson from”

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