LaRussell ft Hokage Simon, Michael Prince & Rich Cruz – 501c3

LaRussell ft Hokage Simon Michael Prince, Rich Cruz – 501c3 (Clip)


“Sorry for the wait, Shit take time when it’s great. I ain’t even got time for a break. Y’all niggas late. Ive been running plays outta state. Got’em in line from how I skate. You ain’t hear about me? I’m the CEO of G*. We’ve been running up the numbers out the V! Crocs and Black T. Run a 501C3, For all the times they taxed me. Started off broke, came out the blue like a loc. Laughing at they deals, it’s a joke. Never lost hope, I been knocked down nigga SO.. Fight better when my back against a rope. Nigga Stop Playin! -LaRussell”

LaRussell, originally born in Oakland, CA but was raised in Vallejo, CA where my parents were seeking a better life for us.
I’m the youngest and only male of 4 children. Growing up my father was always singing, his side of the family was very into church early on and very musically inclined. I think I gain my melodic sense from him. I would have to give my edge and aggression to my grandfather on my mother’s side. He was a black panther and close associate of Huey P Newton. I’d describe my upbringing as normal like any other kid who grew up here. Vallejo is one of those areas where some days it feels as if there’s no way out. I always had bigger dreams and seen more. LaRussell IG.

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