Kodak Black – Malcolm X.X.X

“Kodak Black – Malcolm X.X.X”

First they kissin’ you, huggin’ you, then they suin’ you
If it was me, it was you, I’m wonderin’ what you would do
I just pulled up on your mama, homie, she beautiful
Yeah, gotta keep the strap, can’t let you, lech all on me
I got married to the game, she put these racks all on me
Now I got diamonds on my ring, look like a matrimony
First they screamin’ my name, then file a lawsuit on me
You would hate to see me reach my full potential
You want me robbin’, poppin’ Mollies, poppin’ pistols
I’m goin’ to college ’cause to the youngins I’m influential
Thought it was Congress, they ain’t know this was a Presidential
They ain’t know that I was intellectual
You tryna change your life, but they won’t let you
I know they know I’m special, why they playin’ with me?
You talkin’ jewels, I’m droppin’ jewels, you see the difference
Coppin’ jewels for your dawgs, they don’t appreciate it
Everybody gon’ say you fake when you make it

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