Cambatta – Ghost in the Machine (Power of God)

Cambatta – Ghost In The Machine



“I’m freeing my people, i’m Black Moses! I split the sea so you see that the path opens.
If you don’t see the evil that leads you, you lack focus.
I keep the heat in the seat of the “****”
Creep til I see the police bleeding, them demons that made my dad soulless.
Bad omens got me backbone-less.
The cash loans of upperclass owns us.
I strike back like bad Shaft with a gat holster.
But fuck a badge I’m a black soldier, Black Panther, black cobra, rap’s Yoda.
Black Hebrew, no pork at the Passover.
Lyrics passed Hova but I’m still getting passed over.
Rise from the dead in a cave push passed boulders.
The New Testament I’m passed Torah.
Hold up, Judas Priest that uses speech to rule the weak
Religion is the tool I reap….with

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