Fabolous – Frenemies (Audio) ft. Josh K

Fabolous – Frenemies (Audio) ft. Josh K/h1>


“Never value the length of the relationship (never)
Over the strength of the relationship (word)
‘Cause the one that knew you long’ll still do you wrong (word)
If you don’t know you better go and get your Google on
Better ask somebody, set up by a nasty thotty (for real)
Lil’ bastard’s prolly waitin’ with the mask in lobby
I got the scoop for ice and cream, they wanna bask and rob me (all theses flavor)
Take me out this world, try to astronaut me (woo)
I notice a lot of you niggas say you out on bail
Find out a lot of you niggas really out on tell
Girl friend you hanging ’round sayin’ “Fuck your man”
Same girl friend’ll turn around and fuck your man
You found out from your so called friend (oh word?)
Who knew the night it happened but no phone call then (nah)
You can’t be my bitch and be a groupie (you can’t)
You can’t be my bro and be a goofy”

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