Daylyt Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers – Freestyle

“Daylyt Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers – Freestyle”

“We could take flight if we get the (W)right brothas
Plain sight, right on you all, hieroglyphics
What we fantasize. To get the truth, we must analyze (history).”

“I just hope my people rise.
We asked to be treated equal, them “******” gave us e.coli.
The equalizer, watched by the eagle eye, put fear in me.
No crime go unseen when they got homeland security.
Deep web “******” fuckin’ children buildin’ their egos.
Guess who all in the deep web? My P.O., yeah we know”

Wait, y’all snoozin’? Don’t remove the facts.
You don’t think they eat us? Peep this, why you think they choose the “blacks”?”

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